Former PhD Students

Former Ph.D. Students

Elsa Rizk (Sep. 2018-Mar. 2023), post-doctoral scholar at EPFL.

Virginia Bordignon (Sep. 2018-Oct. 2022), post-doctoral scholar at EPFL.


          Lucas Cassano (Sep. 2014-Sep. 2020), Amazon. Luxemburg.

Former PhD Students – ASL – Adaptive Systems Laboratory Sulaiman Alghunaim (Sep. 2014-Jan. 2020), faculty member at Kuwait University.

Kun Yuan – ASL – Adaptive Systems Laboratory Kun Yuan (April 2014 – Sep. 2019),  faculty member at Peking University, China.

 Stefan Vlaski (2013-2019), faculty member at Imperial College, London.

   Hawraa Salami (2013-2019), data scientist with Galvanize, Inc.

  Bicheng Ying (2014-2018), with Google, CA, USA.

   Chung-Kai Yu (2011-2017), with Broadcom, CA, USA.

   Xiaochuan Zhao (2009-2014), analyst at Tenaron Capital Management, NY, USA.

   Zaid J. Towfic (2008-2014), with NASA JPL, CA, USA.

  Jianshu Chen (2009-2014), with Tencent AI Lab, WA, USA.

  Shang-Kee Ting (2008-2014), with DSO National Laboratories, Singapore.

 Sheng-Yuan Tu (2009-2013), with Qualcomm, CA, USA.

  Federico Cattivelli (2005-2010), with Broadcom, CA, USA.

  Zhi Quan (2004-2009), faculty member at Shenzhen University, China.

 Qiyue Zou (2004-2008), with Marvel Semiconductors, CA, USA.

  Cassio G. Lopes (2003-2008), faculty member at University of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

 Sylvia Dominguez (1999-2006), Patent scientist with Fitch, Even, Tabin, and Flannery LLP, CA, USA.

  Nima Khajehnouri (2003-2006), Vice-President of Engineering, Snap Inc., CA, USA.

   Mirette Sadek (2001-2006), faculty member at Ain Shams University, Egypt.

  Alireza Tarighat (2002-2005), founder and CEO of Delart, CA,  USA.

  Ananth Subramanian (2001-2004), A-STAR, Singapore.

  Waleed M. Younis (1999-2004), director of ASIC design at Celestial AI, CA, USA.

 Mansour Aldajani (1997-2001), founder and CEO, Aban Global,  Saudi Arabia.

 Ricardo Merched (1997-2001), faculty member at Federal Univ. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

 Nabil R. Yousef (1997-2001), cofounder and CTO, ThirdWayv, CA, USA.

  Vitor H. Nascimento (1994-1999), faculty member at University of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Former Post-Doctoral Scholars

. Virginia Bordignon (2022-2024)

Flavio Pavan (2021-2023)

New Faculty Members - Fall 2019-20  Roula Nassif (2017-2019), Université Côte d’Azur, France 

Augusto Santos – ASL – Adaptive Systems Laboratory. Augusto Santos (2017-2019),  University of Coimbra, Portugal 

 Ntemos Konstantinos (2020-2021), University of Basel, Switzerland

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