2013 Leo L. Beranek Meritorious Service Award from IEEE Signal Processing Society

Professor Sayed has been awarded the 2013 Meritorious Service Award from the IEEE Signal Processing Society for his “exemplary service to and leadership in the Signal Processing Society”. In addition to his research activities and university service, Professor Sayed has been diligent in serving the signal processing community in various capacities. Among other roles, he served as Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing (2003-2005), General Chairman of ICASSP 2008, and Vice-President of Publications of the IEEE Signal Processing Society (2009-2011). He also served as member of the Board of Governors (2007-2011), Awards Board (2005), Publications Board (2003-2005), Conference Board (2007-2011), Technical Directions Board (2008-2009), and Long Range Planning Committee (2007-2009) of the same Society.